Things to do

Verona is a city of art with more than two thousand years of history behind it.

Without any claim here are some pictures of Verona and its surroundings.

Verona, la Basilica di San Zeno

Verona, Ponte Pietra

Verona, piazza delle Erbe, piazza dei Signori

Verona, l’Arena, Il ‘liston’ di piazza Brà

Verona, il ponte di Castelvecchio, l’interno del Duomo

A few kilometers from Verona’s Lake Garda, destination for summer holidays among the most traded in Europe. Below the ferry ‘Italy’, Punta San Vigilio, famous for its night raids of d’Annunzio and Duse, and the experience of sailing on the lake, for lovers of the wind was something totally unique.

Peschiera in the lower lake is the place that led to the Mincio, the effluent of Lake Garda. Near Peschiera Gardaland there are also, La Caneva, Sigurtà its park and many other resources related to recreation. The pictures are of Peschiera, and the point where the Mincio from the lake and comes out.

An hour’s train ride from Venice Verona. What about Venice? Nothing except that it is best to go by train because car is complicated, expensive, polluted and stressful for both tourists and those who live there to Venice.

A twenty minute drive there Mantua. Beautiful medieval tidy. Not to be missed.